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Munir Hossn - IndiGenaJazz (2013)

El video adjunto es CONTUNDENTE. No necesitan ver la sangre...

"Between rhythms and lyrics is how we find a way to express this beautiful brazilian heritage. 
Somewhere in hidden regions in Brazil, you can still find, if you're lucky, 
Indians who've managed to preserve their culture and habits, the way they dress, dance, play... 
In other regions like Salvador of Bahia, 
the African heritage is proudly exposed by the ones who have inherited it from their ancestors brought in during colonization. 
This combination gave birth to one of the richest part of our culture. 
In this rich and diverse country was born INdiGenaJazz, Indigena for its origins and Jazz for its path. 
The artist's experiences and journeys are told through music, from Cuba to New York..."

En el archivo coloqué 2 versiones de "Meu Guarani" con arreglos diferentes que no tienen desperdicio.


Munir Hossn - IndiGenaJazz (2013)


1.Meu Gaurani 05:12
2.Yahlee 05:12
3.Cabra Tenorio 07:10
4.INdiGenaJazz 04:55
5.Diaba Sambou 06:44
6.Minha Clave Minha Cara 06:13
7.Tudo Bala 03:49


Munir Hossn - bass, guit,perc, vocal. 
Adriano Dd - perc. 
Tiphanie Constantin - vocals. 


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