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Ithak- Idem (2012)

"Science Fiction Music, Ethno-Psyche-Punk, dodecaphonic rock?

Abdul Vector Von Hassid (P*BUH) ‘s crazy disciples share a kaleidosonic and psychedelic vision of music, mixing psychopunk, hip hop, jazz, oriental, electro and contemporary music in a deconstructivist blend from which emerges a new, original and ever surprising sound.

ITHAK, Founded in 2005 by Seb El Zin, is a band dedicated to going beyond the limits of creativity and expression.
Truly polymorphic and multicultural artists, ITHAK’s members are constantly creating new sounds, new visual experiences and pulling down frontiers and fighting stereotypes.

Just imagine a mix of The Young Gods, Secret Chiefs 3, Talking Heads, Arnold Schoënberg and James Chance illustrating a Mati Klarwein’s painting in a weird poppy, psychedelic and punchy rocky way and it will give you a vague idea of what you can expect from them..."

"I really love your crazy sounds" John Zorn

Ithak- Idem (2012)


1.Para tus sentidos auditivos (intro) 00:18
2.Serial Iguana 07:50
3.Utrecht Interlude 3 01:14
4.Stereo Love 03:55
5.Vitaly 02:44
6.Horizons Verticaux 04:53
7.Utrecht Interlude 4 01:11
8.Psalm 03:24
9.Je Fly 05:14
10.Aquatisch Phantasie 01:05
11.Sentier Des Lunes 03:22
12.Triangle Cannibale 03:06
13.Im Wunderschönen Monat Mai 03:30


Seb El Zin, Composer, singer, guitarist, author and founder of ITHAK.
François Sabin, ITHAK’s saxophonist, and occasional pianist and guitarist.
Stephane Gasquet, Keyboards and samples.
Thomas Ballarini, Drums and percussion.
Charlie Dalin, percussions


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