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ZARBOTH - Kwakiutls (2011)

Writing and performing in various projects throughout the past fifteen years, Phil REPTIL has had a longterm project called LA THEORY DU REPTIL. He has performed in countless groups, theatre and dance companies from electronic music to experimental, jazz, rock or world music, playing guitar, keys, or creating sound-design landscapes. Etienne GAILLOCHET has been the drummer-vocalist and driving force of WE INSIST ! for the past sixteen years. With a particular fascination towards odd time-signatures and discordant melodies ranging in style from metal to jazz, the latter brings his trademark solid, yet experimental, percussion skills to ZARBOTH. The band explores the contemporary fields of rock, blending jazz-core, experimental, noise and songwriting, while working on sound textures with delight.

The duo moves between densely complex writing and improvisation, and then tries to reunite those two territories. Their broad influences range from RUINS to CLAUDIA QUINTET, from Frank ZAPPA to NO MEANS NO, from Fred FRITH to PANTERA, and from ZU to SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM. The second opus "Kwakiutls" (Gazul, 2011) combines two different approaches. It starts with six songs featuring refrains, melodies and identifiable structures, nevertheless built on impossible rhythmic canvasses and (perhaps) questionable harmonies. It ends with six instrumental pieces of experimental inspiration: structured performances with the rhythmic patterns of speech (Ala René LUSSIER), long progressive structures, or total improvisation mixed with micro-rhythmic patterns. Three guests are featured here: Cyrille MECHIN (Once baritone saxophonist in WE INSIST !), NOSFELL, Pierre Le BOURGEOIS (Cellist of the latter)... To be discovered !

ZARBOTH - Kwakiutls (2011)


1 - What We Eat (4'29)
2 - Sharks (3'25)
3 - Counting And Spelling (3'22)
4 - Headlouse (5'01)
5 - U-Boat (4'25)
6 - Celtic Toupee (3'54)
7 - A Sparrow (2'28)
8 - Salish (4'48)
9 - Saint-Louis-Du-Ha !-Ha ! (5'03)
10 - Snob (2'18)
11 - Plaster Guys (2'17)
12 - Coupez-Moi La Tête (1'55)


Etienne Gaillochet: drums and lead vocals
Phil Reptil: 8 string guitar and vocals
Cyrille Méchin: saxophone
Labyala Nosfell: voice
Pierre Le Bourgeois: cello
William Lopez: recording and mixing
Stephan Brüggemann: mastering


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